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We work exclusively with a number of clients, meaning once you are registered, we are able to discuss vacancies with you that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.
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Preparing Your CV

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and search for your new opportunity, you’ll need to update your CV if you haven’t already done so.
We’ve included some CV tips to make you stand out in a crowd, and if you register with us we can help you with that.
Always include your contact number, your personal (not work) email address, and whether you have a drivers licence and transport (the role may not require travel but the employer’s premises may be remote with little or no transport links, so they will want to know you can get there).
There are some good free online CV writing tools which will give guidance and produce a professional and impressive CV.
Here are some CV tips which you may find useful.

Job Hunt Tips

Try not to limit yourself to one method of applying for work, or your job search can become a long process.

Set up a folder in your email to track applications, and keep a note of any conversations you have with agencies or employers to refer to at a later date. The job boards and Recruitment Agencies will keep a history of your applications too.

If you have no response to your applications, follow them up by making a call and registering your strong interest, if you’ve not been selected then find out why, it may have been an oversight and you can talk through this and get onto the shortlist.

CV Preparation

Have your CV prepared at the start of your search so that you can quickly apply for vacancies. Remember to tailor your CV before hitting the submit button… study the job description and any available information you have on the vacancy.

Showcase your strengths in the areas that are of paramount importance to the role. See our CV tips section for help and advice with your CV.

Where to look, and be found

Job Boards

A job board is used by recruiters and companies to post open positions and search CV databases. Recruiters usually use more than one Job Board, so register with more than one to increase your chances of finding the right role. You can search vacancies by location, job title, skills and salary. To apply for jobs you will need to register your CV, and if you are already registered, make sure you upload your latest CV and update the details in your profile. Remember to change the uploaded CV if you need to tailor it for the role you are applying for (see CV Tips). You can choose whether you want recruiters to be able to search for your CV, so make sure the CV you have uploaded is tailored to your preferred role, salary etc. You can set up job alerts, but we suggest you also regularly login and search most recent jobs.


If you are on linkedin make sure your profile is up to date and matches the career history on your CV. Many recruiters use linkedin to find candidates, and there are options within your ‘preferences’ to signal that you are open to opportunities. Prospective employers and Recruitment agencies may look at your profile so consider the content held on your page. Also consider the content on your other social media profiles as employers and recruiters may look at those too.

Recruitment Agencies

By registering with us, you have first dibs on any vacancies which we are working on, and those which we haven’t advertised. We keep a track of all vacancies you apply for, and keep in touch with you about any new suitable vacancies.

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